Interveiw Questions

Experienced programmer interviews are not easy to pass without proper display of coding skills in the interview. Every one preparing for experienced interviews are asked to prepare well before attending the interviews here. If you have very good working experience in ERP and CRM softwares using Dotnet / Java it is easy to pass interview. Good Luck to all in getting selected!

Experienced Programmers with Struts, Ajax, Netbeans and iReports experience and with strong sql queries skills, it would be easy to pass interviews. Work experience is also needed to show good ERP and CRM skills in interview. There is nothing to prepare at book level because Interviews will be on the projects that you have already done. All persons preparing for interviews are advised to recollect all the high lights of your coding in projects you developed like, tough logics you handled, client problem solving solutions you adapted etc. Good Luck to all in getting selected!

One advantage for freshers having good working knowledge is, they need not worry about not having experience certificate. If a fresher has good exposure to ERP and CRM softwares using Dotnet / Java, it is enough to attend interview. You will be treated at par with experience programmer. Good Luck to all in getting selected.

Freshers who do not have working level knowledge but are hardworking in nature and really want someone to guide them to make a head start in coding career can join at junior level where they would get huge exposure to various scenarios involved in coding practices under well guided work environment. WINACT employees get huge exposure to the ERP and CRM softwares. Not All software companies develop ERP and CRM projects as they are very difficult. Though not much of earnings are possible at junior level initially, they get vast exposure in professional software development practices that would eventually make them more eligible than most of other programmers, in todays world of stiff competition to get high paid jobs. Good Luck to all the budding developers.


Save Your Software! Recycle

A specification for recycling old software code for new tasks and projects is gradually making its way toward becoming a standard.

The Re-usable Asset Specification (RAS) is geared to take bits and pieces of software code and bundle them together to use them in other projects, cutting time and costs.

RAS is important, because currently no standard exists to facilitate methods for packaging software assets. The RAS consortium, includes IBM, ( Quote, Chart) Borland, ( Quote, Chart) Flashline, ComponentSource and others.

A key to re-using software code, is familiarity because most developers "go about the development process" in different ways.

Just like the steering wheel, turn signals and pedals of a car are slightly different across car models and makes, software assets may be slightly different, but will all have an inherent familiarity. One practical use for the RAS process includes taking code from one Web site and using it to build another, even superior Web site.

The seed for the idea was planted a few years ago as the dot-com economy was reaching new depths and financial officers were slashing budgets wholesale. IBM, Microsoft (Quote, Chart ) and pre-IBM-owned Rational Software got together to discuss away to cut software development costs. Microsoft later dropped out.

"We came together to discuss certain artifacts, or pieces of software code that we dealt with and set out to define what a software component is, and what an asset is, which is a group of artifacts, which you could use to develop new sites," Head of RAS consortium said. "We outlined a whole process and definitions that eventually became the Re-usable Asset Specification."

Bits of code are collected and pieced together to form assets, which may include a company's logo that must appear on every Web page. These assets may be combined to allow for a more complex assets for a "coarse-grained solution," in which the assets know how to work with one another to perform a task, such as providing the basis for a Web site.

For example, if a company acquired another company and a head developer desired to re-use some of that company's code, the developer could put it through the RAS process of modeling, visualizing, testing and validating to blend the code with other alien bits of code.

Or, take the case of an existing Web site that requires to update print page for invoices. A developer could take the shopping cart, and replace that with online credit card Web service using RAS.

Ideally this would save companies time and money associated with software development costs, freeing engineers to work on other critical projects.

RAS is expressed in XML making it extremely accessible to the software development world. RAS also employs metadata -- data about data -- to help in the profile description process. Moreover, it models predictability

Rational employs RAS-based tools in its prized Rational XDE modeling tool, which comes in both .NET and Eclipse-based Java flavors. XDE can "produce and consume RAS assets and one can create as many RAS repositories as he or she would like" with XDE.

RAS is currently being reviewed by the Object Management Group standards body and is expected to be ratified.

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